Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's mobile once again!!!

Today was Jordan's four week post-op appt with Dr. Jones. He took the casts off and checked her leg where they removed bone and also her thumb where they pinned the bone in to stabilize and lengthen her thumb. Right away when they took the cast off her hand Noah gasped and said, "It looks different Mama!" It was really cute. He was super involved, sitting up on the bed with us watching everything. When she was doing her usual freakout about the cast saw he kept saying, "It's okay Jordan, it won't hurt you." He kept rubbing her head and her hair when she was crying. At lunch afterward he said he wanted to sit by Jordan because she's his friend. I am constantly seeing good things come from a hard situation and it's so encouraging.

So the doctor was hesitant to leave the cast off her leg. He would've like to put another one back on but I couldn't bear it. When I told him she had a leg brace she wears all the time he was relieved and said because of that he would feel good about leaving the cast off. He said to be very careful of her leg (no jumping off the couch) but that she should be fine walking. She wouldn't walk in the office (no surprise) but thankfully is already walking all over the place.

Her thumb is close to twice the length as before. It won't bend but it'll give her a pincer grasp.

This scar is much bigger than we expected but well worth it.

It is almost a normal length for her hand! Yay!! Isn't it beautiful????

Isn't this picture funny? It's like the saying "A picture is worth a thousand words."

As much as I couldn't stop looking at her wonderful new thumb Jordan apparently didn't share the same sentiment. :) It was painful for her without the cast because she'd naturally try to move it and I think it's traumatic to see the stitches etc. (Noah asked why it was black too)

This surgery/recovery has been unusually hard for me and I think it's because the surgeries have been back to back - five surgeries in 28 months. I know families who have to get their kids through 5 surgeries in two months but this is still a lot for me. I am really looking forward to next spring - very little therapy by then, if any, and no more surgeries until Jordan's five or so (she'll have one more at three years old). We can be a normal family with our focus on typical fun things and Jordan can have the hard work behind her.

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Megan said...

Jen, thanks for all the posts! It is so encouraging to see how you have relied on the Lord to guide your family through the thick and thin with all of Jordan's surgeries, appts, etc. I am always so blessed to read your blog and see the triumphs! I love it that Noah noticed her thumb and that she loves her daddy! Can't wait to catch up soon :)