Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Best Friends

I was just thinking tonight about how thankful I am for the fact that Noah and Jordan seem to be falling in love with each other. A few months ago I was really feeling bad that Noah just didn't seem to love being around her. He didn't seem to mind it but I want him to find joy when she's around, for us to begin to build a relationship between the two of them. I began praying daily that God would build a bond between them that they would be affectionate to one another (usually she is adoring him and he's tolerating her exuberance). The very day after I began praying we were riding in the car (I may have posted on this already - don't mind me) and Jordan fell asleep. Noah reached over on his own while she was sleeping to gently rub her leg. He rubbed his finger lightly over her scar on her leg and was looking at it closely then he just kept rubbing her leg so lightly while he was looking out the window. I got tears in my eyes out of thankfulness. What an encouragement to pray more for my children. Since then I've continued to see more and more love between them. Another reminder to me was a questionnaire I saw from Noah's preschool. It's their 5 year old intake questionnaire and one question is "Is your child's best friend his sibling?" I was floored and so convicted. I asked Noah who his best friend was and he said his neighbor, Delaney who is 10 years old! I once again began praying and really working to instill a love for one another in Noah and Jordan. It's a typical male female relationship - I'm working toward him loving her and her respecting him. With respect I mean respecting his boundaries. She's quite affectionate and LOVES him dearly so she needs to respect his wishes to not be mauled all the time. :) All my current pictures of the two of them are on Shan's computer so I will have to post more at another time.


mark.vr said...

It is good to hear that Noah and Jordan are beginning to bond as brother and sister. I will keep Jordan's surgery in my prayers. I am sure that God will continue to bless your family in the days and years ahead.

mark.vr said...

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Chiara said...

I love siblings who are close. I can't wait to foster that relationship between Carter and his little brother. Your story of Noah gently rubbing Jordan's leg made me tear up--so sweet!