Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Surgery Week Day One

I saw in my stat counter that the number of people viewing the blog is up to nearly 80 in a day. For all of you faithful bloggers I thought I'd post some pictures. It's so funny that during the week before all of our surgeries we end up having the best family times. I wonder if it's due to the fact that we are just sitting around with nothing to do except spend time together. It says something for quality time without things planned. It's so weird not to have something to do. We did go to the doctor yesterday to get the paperwork for the surgery done and to get her cleared for surgery by her pediatrician. I was SUPER paranoid about germs as we were hearing kids coughing and hacking, seeing them all looking miserable as they were there for a sick visit. Oh well- it's in God's hands. Yesterday we made pumpkin crafts that my cousin sent, the kids played all day (literally) with a diaper box as a slide in the house, in the yard, on the couch, etc. They love this thing and cracked up all day with it. We also go to walk around the block last night with Jordan in her new borrowed stroller. Our friends, the Travaglias, let us borrow this wonderful, lightweight stroller for the next three months while Jordan will be in a cast. What a blessing that will be. She already loves it and actually wanted to ride in it around the block last night instead of walking.
I will post again tomorrow afternoon/evening with specifics on the surgery and anything else I have to share. Thanks for checking in!


Chiara said...

The Metrolite stroller! That is ours too, and we love it. We are praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

We will be looking forward to the updates and we will be praying!!!!!

Pastor Dale