Friday, October 24, 2008

Prayer Request

We got a message from the surgeon's office last night that he wants an echocardiogram done on Jordan's heart before surgery. When she was born she had a tiny hole in her heart (Patent Foramen Ovale - PFO) which is very common and closes by itself. At one year we rechecked and it was closed. Since then we've had two surgeries with no problem but for some reason the doctor wants it rechecked. ???? It can't possibly open up again (the hole) so I'm confused. Pray that we can get a referral to go through and then get in to see the cardiologist before Thursday. Referrals usually take days and I don't really know why insurance would cover it anyway since it's been cleared. Pray for the details.
Also, it seems Jordan has a minor cold right now with a stuffy/nose and she's quite irritable. Thankfully it's now and not next week. Pray for her health for surgery and for me to trust that the sugery date will be what God has planned - I want to be content no matter the circumstances.
Thanks and have a great weekend friends!!!

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theSanchez' said...

I will be praying!