Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final Update for Today

Okay I only have a few minutes...again. Jordan just wants Mama to hold her and she's so upset.

Surgery was successful and the doctor said he did above and beyond what could be done.

Her blood count seems to be a little low so they had to draw blood and test it again. VERY stressful and hard on her and she's pretty agitated right now. Pray for her to be calm and sleep tonight.

All is as expected and the room is VERY nice and private with our own shower and bathroom. Yay!

Shan will be going home soon and my mom will be here so I won't post again until tomorrow but you can leave a voicemail on my cell if you want. I'll try to call if I can get her to calm down.


Megan said...

Praise God for a bed and private room. So much better than last time! We will continue to pray for her and for you to be successful at comforting the little lady.

We love you guys!

Christiane Williams said...

Praying for your night! Call us if there is ANYTHING we can do for you. We can NOT wait to have you home.

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, and so glad that the surgery went well. Give Jordan a kiss for me.



Weber Family said...

We are thanking God with you for a successful surgery today! So thankful you have a good room, and we are praying for rest for you all, and a smooth road to recovery. We love you Gray family!!!

Sarah Cox said...

Glad you have your own room! :) What a blessing! Better than just those chairs from the PICU last time!

And I am so sad for Miss Jordan in her pain & upsettness. i will be praying.

I am so thankful that God looks after her & takes care of her in so many ways. He has given her such a great mommy & daddy to love her so!

Yvonne F. said...

It's so good to hear that the surgery went well! Yeah for a nice room too. Praying for Jordan's recovery and for your family & look forward to seeing you again. Noah had fun with the baby animals today. =) Love Yvonne

Jaime Donovan said...

Praise God that everything went well and that God provided a great room for you! We will be praying for rest for you and Jordan tonight. God is so good!! Jaime Donovan :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gray Family,

we are so thankful for answered prayers and a successful surgery. We will keep praying for healing and that she won't feel too much pain.

We love you!
The Winklers

Chiara said...

What a great God we have! I am so thankful to Him for getting Jordan through the surgery and providing you all with a private, nice room. We love you guys and are praying for continued rest for all of you and healing for precious Jordan.

We are blessed to know you! said...

Jen & Shannon, We have been praying for you guys today and will continue to do so...for Jordan's comfort & swift recovery and that tonight is full of rest and peace for everyone. Our hearts and prayers are with Jordan and your entire family. Love, Amy, Lance & Cassidy

Lisa Reed said...

Praying for your family and little Jordan, what a bright smile she has, the Lord loves her and has blessed her with the gift of joy and wonderful family to love and support her. Your blog is so encouraging as you lean upon the Lord and his strength, his perseverance his Power. Thanks for sharing! Lisa Reed

jenn said...

So glad to hear all went well. Been praying for you this week! Love, The Murphys

Debbie T said...

Praise God for a successful surgery. May he continue to give you and the family strength and comfort. We're praying for you,

kim said...

Wow! I'm an high school classmate of Shannon's, and we just connected on facebook a few weeks ago, but neither of us realized until today (thanks to Deakun Joo, another classmate) that we both have cleft l/p children! Shannon recommended I read your blog, and I've spent the last half hour browsing through your journey with Jordan, and cried and rejoiced seeing God's faithfulness in your family! What an amazing God we serve! I'm so honored to have found you via the incredible cyberworld, and we will add Jordan and her recent recovery to our prayers. We have our next surgery coming up in a few weeks (and now a broken arm in the mix as well, arggh) so it's so great to hear and read success stories, especially by believers who recognize it is ALL GOD!
Blessings to you and your adorable family, Kim (De Ridder) Radersma

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful the surgery went well. I'm sure Jordan is getting many hugs and kisses from you all but know we all have our arms and hearts around all of you :-) Praise God for you and your entire family.

Much love,
Leilani McEwen