Thursday, October 30, 2008

She's with the Surgeons

Grandma playing with Jordan's dress up doll kit we saved from her birthday.

Jordan totally drunk having a great time!!!

Still in the "hold me" stage this morning, wanting Mama.

Here's a quick update. We don't have much to report but I'll update anyway.
We left our house at 3:15 and got here with PLENTY of time. Honestly I can't figure out why they need us here so early.
When we got here she really began to freak out, especially when we got to the pre-op room and put her on the bed. She only wanted to be held and kept crying but eventually she calmed down. Shan's parents got here and got to spend some time with her too which was nice. My prayer was

really for her to get a medication before having to be taken from us so she wouldn't cry and then be more afraid of surgery in the future. They were so kind and gave her Valium. She was totally drunk and it was hilarious. She was completely loopy with her tongue sticking out and her laughing. :) I was also able to ask them for a different pain medication than before. Our pediatrician recommended Lortab for her rather than Codeine. We will see what they say.
One concern was whether the surgeon was doing the actual surgery or his resident. The resident kept talking in first person about what he was going to do and even put his own initials on the leg. The head surgeon never even came to talk to us. I am glad Shan's mom was there with me because both of us were very concerned but the surgical nurse assured us that Dr. Oppenheim is, indeed, the one doing the surgery. The resident will only assist. I'm praying that is true.

Also, one really fun story - as we were here eating we saw the social worker from the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. She totally remembered us from a year ago and wants to come by to visit us in our room. Then I was walking down the hall and saw the head nurse from the PICU from last year too. She also remembered us and we hugged and had a great conversation about last year and the blessing they were to us. I love UCLA and feel so at home here.

Please keep praying as the surgeons work for skill and wisdom and for Jordan as she wakes up. We just want to see her and be sure she is okay.

Thank you for checking. We'll write more as soon as we know. They took her pretty close to 7:30/7:45 and it should take two to two and half hours.



Jane Grundman said...

Hi Jen, Shan and family, We are praying for Jordan and your family and asking God to guide the surgeons hands. We will check throughout the day to see her progress.
Godd Bless you, Jane Mark Kylie

Schlabach Clan said...

We are praying for you all.

RebeccaMillsap said...

Hi Jen,
Glad to hear that she was able to get some meds to help keep her calm :) The pics are so funny! Praying she's out of surgery and recovering now and that you're with her!

Christiane Williams said...

I love that you shared that Jordan was given meds before surgery and she, as well as all of you it sounds like had a good time laughing at her expense. The girls and I were praying for her this morning and Brittany was wondering why she was crying and having such a hard time sleeping last night and thought it was because she was afraid of surgery so we specifically prayed for her NOT to be afraid to enter a hospital with bad memories and fear. I LOVE medical advancements and drugs. What an answer to prayer! Praise God we live in this era.