Monday, October 27, 2008


Another "surgery week" is here and we are making the most of being home. I was literally sitting on the couch on Saturday trying to figure out what to make for crafts to make this week at home special and the mailman delivered a package. It was from my cousin in Texas. She and her daughter sent us a package with materials for crafts and fun things for Halloween that will work perfectly for this week. God sure delivers is even the smallest ways.
At Navigating Motherhood last week a woman spoke about being intentional with our traditions and creating a heritage for our family. It made me realize that as the kids might tend to focus on the fact that they can't go to the park, to church or even play with their friends the week before Jordan's surgeries, I want to make it a fun time of celebrating. Celebration is truly in the air. They are running around playing with their balloons and with each other. I'll post more pictures this week as we have our fun time.
We have one last doctor's appt today for Jordan to be cleared for surgery and barring any illness or problem with the surgeon we are on for Thursday. Shan's sister, Vel, and two of her girls are coming Wednesday to spend the night and take Noah to his first preschool field trip to the pumpkin patch on Thursday. They should have a great time and it's yet another thing to be excited about for him.
Thanks for checking in!

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RebeccaMillsap said...

Cute photos! I'd love to hear about sharing the Gospel through the pumpkin!