Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Follow Up Appt #1

The kids and I drove up to Santa Monica today to see her plastic surgeon. He was SO happy with the results he was clapping and just chuckling and staring at her. He kept showing me her picture from before and saying that he has only one more little fine tuning to do to her nose at the next surgery and it'll be "perfect." I don't see such a huge difference but I can tell it's better. I think the eye still throws me a bit since it's off balance. He said that in two years (when she's three) he'll make her left eye level with her right, create an artificial tear duct for her eye and also do that last touch on her nose.I would like to see him take some of the extra fat that she has on her foot and leg during that surgery too but we'll see.

Dr. Jones "cast guy" was able to get us in to redo her casts in L.A. while we were up there. He did a great job with two soft casts that really seem like they'll stay on. She didn't crawl on them tonight but we'll see how tomorrow goes. I can't see her sitting still for long.

Funny story...on the way there Noah started screaming, "Sissy hand black! Sissy hand black! Noooooo Sissy! Don't touch!" He was making his funny gagging sound he makes when something is really gross (like fruits and veggies, haha). I turned around and saw her stitched bloody hand reaching for Noah from her car seat. It was like seeing this Frankenstein hand reaching up for him. She managed to get the bandage we used off. I pulled off in Carson City somewhere to rewrap it only to find that I couldn't get back on the fwy from that exit. I sat in tons of 18 wheeler traffic to get back on going south just to exit and go back north. After that we sat in SO much traffic on the way there due to an oil spill, truck fire on the 405. We were 45 minutes late with no time for lunch. We were sitting for so long on the fwy that I finally got out of my seat to try to feed Jordan. We rushed to Westwood for the casting and thankfully made it only to spend more than 3 hours trying to get home. We got home around 7:00 tonight and Shan had a giant spread of food here from more of our loving church family. WHAT a blessing!

I am off to bed and will hopefully see many of you tomorrow at our church's Fall Fest. Go to CompassChurch.Org to get details or go to Aliso Viejo Town Center to have a free night of food, fun, and tons of activities for the little ones. What a great option for your families instead of the usual Halloween stuff. We'll be there with our little giraffe and kangaroo. So excited!



Sarah Cox said...

OK, I was laughing out loud over the cast story in the car. Though you told it to me earlier, the way you wrote it was so funny, I was dying. I can just imagine Noah freaking out. So funny.

Sorry your day was so long...but I am so happy you had such a wonderful meal...from Chiara, right? Score!!!!

Linda Stover said...

You are amazing! I shared this website with my mom and the De Bies (Shan's high school friends and Noah's fathers family) They are amazed! My mom said, "Jordan has amazing parents they are incredible!" Every time a read an update I am jsut so touched at how open you are. God Bless you all. GODS glory is shining thru your family so much.

You even take the time to share the fall fest!!! I would be asleep!!!

I love you!!!! Your strength inspires me so much!!!!

Brook said...

I am just praising the Lord right now. I am so glad that Jordan is getting better. Let's just have a really quick prayer: Lord, thank you for helping Jordan get better. Please let the doctor's fix her eye and her nose. Please help Noah to help his mama with his sister. Amen

(Brook's 8 year old son)

Brook said...


In your insanely busy schedule if you get about 3 minutes go to www.kbj.org, click on air, click morning show,click sky angel cowboyand hear the testimony of a little boy from Houston. It will bless you I promise. My kids love listening to him. It is our christian radio staion in Houston.

Love you!

Brook said...

that was ksbj.org


Christiane Williams said...

Sister, I LOVE and appriciate your sense of humor. You are determined to look for God's provisions and mercies in every day and you always try to recognize and acknowledge His constant loving kindness. What a long day, yet he got you to the places you needed to be and entertained you a bit along the way. My whole family just cry and laugh over the pictures and stories you share and rejoice with you in all of God's goodness and faithfulness. Jordan Joy has impacted so many people for God's glory and she is only one years old! What a testimony! Keep sharing your road and how God is walking with you every step of the way because it is inspiring, convicting and encouraging to so many. Love you all. Christiane

Carrie Steele said...

I can totally relate to the drive on the 405 with terrible traffic. We use to go to UCLA to see a specialist for Patrick. I can't imagine doing it with 2 little ones and doing it with humor. You amaze me.