Monday, October 22, 2007

Surgery Update #2

Okay so she made it through surgery...yes I was having a few minutes where I was having to prepare my heart for whatever may happen. Shan put it great that he was thinking about the words to the hymn It Is Well With My Soul...regardless of God's plan for her. She is still in recovery and it's taking a lot longer than they said it would so I am fighting the anxiety again. Phillipians 4:6 and 7 says, "Do not be anxious in any but in EVERYTHING, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus." So with that we are still waiting here in the waiting room after eveyr family that was here this morning has come and gone. Strange.

Quick update before they call us in...I'll post pictures tonight once we get settled so you can see them. Please look at them before you show your children, they may be graphic.

Palate: Repair went well. He found a "very strange thing" that is a tooth but looks nothing like he's ever seen. It was apparently hidden in there. I'm wondering if it was her adult tooth that was deformed up there and now will have to be replaced...hmmm we'll see. Her tongue is stitched to her cheek until at least tomorrow I think so that if she chokes they can get it. Weird thought huh?

Nose: He ended up "starting" on the nose revision. He started the "lengthening" process, bringing down her left nostril which was higher than the right due to the first repair. He'll do more work on the nose over time.

Bump on eye: He cut that little bump on her eye off and found that it was attached to a thick, tough line of scar tissue (pretty much confirms the fact that the cleft was caused by the amniotic band - he's said that in the past but I still wondered and therefore worried that we could or Jordan could have a child with a cleft...this rules that out). He said the scar tissue under there was causing the pull down of the eye. He'll work more on the eye later when he goes in to work on the tear duct.

Tear Duct: Okay this part is confusing because I don't understand how the eye works and the ducts but I'll try to explain it. He probed the blocked tear duct and found that there is a hole for drainage, there is a top part to the duct but the sac in the middle is missing and I think he said that there is a bottom part to the duct that drains the fluid down into the nose. He will have to create an artificial duct/sac but can't do that until she is like three or so. At that time he will reconstruct her left eye that is pulled down. If he tries to do the eye now it will just have to be redone later anyway when he does the tear duct construction.

So she came out of surgery at 6:00 and they said it would be 15 minutes until she was in recovery and now it's been an hour and a half. We're very frustrated and a bit concerned.

We'll post more later.



Christiane Williams said...

Wish we were with you...

Jenny Weber said...

Christiane just shared the latest, and we are PRAYING for you, and especially little Jordan. We love you guys!!

Dale Thackrah said...

I just received an update - your church family will be praying

Linda Stover said...

Shann & Jenn -

I am praying that the LORD with give you strength and peace! If you need anything please let me know!

Love you

Rebecca Lewis said...

I am praying Psalm 33:22 over your whole family: "May your unfailing love rest upon us (the Gray Family), O Lord, even as we (they) put our (their) hope in you." We will be continuing to pray for you!

thefieldhouses said...

As I read your blog it's 9:49 have, by now, been able to hold Jordan and love on her in the way that she needs right now. That's a very peaceful thought. :) I look forward to touching base with you tomorrow...lots of prayers for you guys AND Jordan.

Stephanie said...

Hey Jen!

I thank GOD for you and your family. Your obedient lives continue to impact SO many who watch and wonder... and see Jesus.

I will pray for your little darling Jordan!

I appreciate you tremendously!!

Press on my friend!
I am confident that I will be encouraged by your faith.

With tons of love and respect,

Laura said...


Greg and I prayed together for you and your family tonight. Stand firm in your faith, my friend, and know that God hand picked you to love and nurture that BEAUTIFUL little girl. He picked you because you are special and you can do it. I know it is hard and I bet you wonder sometimes, but from this side of your world, your faith in Christ shows in your walk and in your talk. Keep going girl!

Love you,

Laura and Greg

RebeccaMillsap said...

Been praying throughout the day. Just got theupdate from Chiara and am continuing to pray for your family, especially Jordan. Ley us know if we can help with anything. Noah is more than welcome to come stay here too.

Sarah Cox said...

Dearest Jen,

Isn't it so wonderful to be a part of the body of Christ? Wow. These comments are so encouraging, aren't they? It's so neat to know that the body of Christ is lifting up your whole family right now. And to think that it was the change of room locations that made you feel a little better. :) That was a gift sent from God, per the faithful prayers of His children.

I love you SO much & am crying with you, hopeful with you and will rejoice with you when these days are over!