Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home Sweet Home...or is it?

Just a quick update on Jordan for you faithful bloggers.

We were so excited to get home and get some rest, get clean clothes, see Noah, etc. however Jordan seemed to do better in the PICU than at home. She is totally a stomach sleeper but has had to sleep on her back propped up, with her arms restrained so she can't take the tape off her nose. That paired with a little discomfort (I don't think her pain is terrible) she hasn't slept more than one hour straight. All night she would finally fall asleep only to wake up again crying. We tried rocking her, rubbing her chest, singing, playing music, putting her in our bed, feeding her, giving her Tylenol - everything. Today she didn't nap but 30 minutes or so and cried a considerable amount of time. Finally tonight we gave in and gave her Tylenol with Codeine which didn't even work. The girl is on narcotics and still won't sleep. We decided to try putting her on her stomach and just not worrying about the tape. If it comes off it comes off. She immediately fell right to sleep and hasn't woken up yet. I am hoping to have a solid night's sleep even though we have now stayed up late talking with my mom.

As for her health and recovery...she seems to be doing really well. Her pain seems more like discomfort and is managed with Tylenol and Motrin although I do wonder if it hurts because she doesn't really want her bottle. She is VERY lethargic and very pale which I think is due to the blood loss. Her levels were still low when we left so they told us to see our doctor on Monday for a test to see if we need medication or can make it slowly back to where she was before the surgery. She doesn't seem all that sleepy, per se, but she really just lays back and stares off. Kind of sad but still an improvement from a few days ago when she stayed asleep constantly and had a machine breathing for her. Yikes - what a week.

Next week we go for a few appointments so I'll update on prayer requests soon. I'm also going to post a video clip of her crawling with her big casts on her arm and leg. It's really funny. She's surprisingly good except on the wood floors where it's slippery.

Take care all of you!

Also, for those of you who know Carrie Steele it's her birthday tomorrow! (correct me if I'm wrong Carrie) We are so blessed to know you and are so thankful for you (the Baja Fresh was great tonight, we devoured it). :) :)