Friday, October 12, 2007

Jordan's Pre-Ops are done...

Tessa's Update:
Thank you for praying for the Fieldhouses if you did today. I saw them this afternoon and got to see little Tessa. It brought back so many memories from Jordan's first surgery and made me so thankful to be able to visit them and do what little I could to support them. Their surgeon removed some bone and moved the front of her mouth back. He also connected her nose to her lips but is going to wait to finish the lips for a few months. Keep praying and check out their blog for updates.

Jordan's Update:
I took Jordan to UCLA this morning for her pre-op with her hand surgeon. He is hands down (ha! No pun intended), the nicest, most down to earth doc we've got (although we love all of our doctors and specialists).

Here's the procedure plan...
Henry Kawamoto - Plastic Surgeon
- Closing the palate
- Removing the small bump by her affected eye
- Clearing her blocked tear duct in the affected eye (it may end up being more than a simple clearing of the duct, depending on what he finds in there)

Neil Jones - Hand Surgeon
- Seperating her index and middle fingers on her "bad" hand and widening the web spacing between her pinky and ring finger on that same hand. She'll have a cast up past her elbow for two weeks.
- Her toes will be seperated and "cleaned up" on her bad foot too but no cast will be put on. He'll just wrap it well. I'm concerned about her foot not being protected while she tries to crawl around (I wonder how she'll crawl w/ a cast on her arm. I guess I'll have to post some videos on the blog. :)

It sounds like the surgery may be around four hours and will start first thing in the morning Monday, the 22nd. We aren't shutting ourselves up in the house but we're avoiding the nursery and hoping both kids stay healthy.

Also - we're embarking on a new chapter in our lives...we're starting potty training on Monday with Noah. Yikes. I'm SO sad that my baby is going to be wearing underwear! No more rustling diaper sound when he runs around the house! I'm really dying over this. I know that they can't stay little forever but this has just flown by. We shall see how it goes. I have a feeling it's going to be full of some funny stories so check back often for updates. :)

I hope this finds you all well!

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Chiara said...

Thank you for all the updates! It is so nice to have specifics for which to pray. What a busy month for your family . . .