Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Such Gifts!

We want to post a HUGE thank you to all of our friends and family. We are speechless (yes, even I am without words for once, ha ha). Truly - you are all amazing and we can't believe you are our friends...and family.

Today Sarah came down to spend the afternoon and relieve us for a little while. Gabe and Staci came down from Bakersfield to go out to dinner with us and to see Jordan. Sarah came with a

free nights stay at a hotel that she earned with her credit card points (she says it's not a sacrifice but she gave away a date night so we could get some sleep). Gabe and Staci came with a big bag of new clothes for me from Target, two pairs of shoes, one of my favorite magazines, candy and gum. They also came with a little gift bag...I can hardly type it without getting teary eyed - Megan from our small group bible study organized people from our group to get money for restaurant gift cards while we are here. Gabe and Staci did the shopping. They intentionally went to local restaurants here in Westwood that we love and got gift cards with menus so that while we are here we can get out of this place to get fresh air and good food (greasy chicken noodle soup from the cafeteria is only good the first 5 times). :) Everyone has blessed us tremendously with offers of help and of service as well as notes and calls of encouragement and reminders to lean on God's provision when we are tired and stressed. My mom has been home taking care of Noah and plans to this entire week until we get home. Granted, Noah will need some re-training afterward (yes he is surely enjoying his freedoms with G-ma) but we are so thankful he can be in his bed and at our house with her while we're here. Shan's parents were also here the entire day with us yesterday and Shan's mom and sister came today to spend some time here even though his sister has major back pain. All of you are so sacrificial in your service to others it is humbling to have it directed our way and really tough to accept at times.

I can't tell you all enough, from the bottom of my heart, how much I appreciate you and how much the love of Christ shows through you and is an example to me. We are constantly telling the hospital staff about you all and they marvel at the support.


We love and miss all of you and can't wait to see you again and for you to see and hold Jordan.

Also, the care plan for now is to assess tomorrow morning and see if she is able to breathe on her own and if so then begin to wean her from the ventilator. Since the tube is stitched to her lips and there is a string holding her tongue to the side they may need to take her to the operating room to do it but we would love prayer that she doesn't have to go down there again. Once they take the tube out and she is on her own they may keep her in ICU for a night or they'll send her to the regular room down the hall.

We'll let you know tomorrow morning what they decide.

The Gray Family


Chiara said...

You have so many dear friends who care for you, and I'm glad that you get to tangibly see that expression of Christ's love and provision. The Hawleys will be praying for all the specifics you mention here! Please let us know if you have any needs from the Thrive group. So many individuals are willing to help!

Alison Kroeker said...

Jen, Shan and Jordan,
Praise God for his mercies and protection over sweet Jordan. We're thankful she's doing well so far and are praying for the next days of recovery and that she progresses well. We love you guys and are on our knees with you through each of these hours that pass.

Alison & Cheyenne

Anonymous said...

To our dearest friends,
My goodness...I am sitting here in tears reading all what you have been through the last few days. I am so sorry. Brett and I have been praying every day for you and your family. You are all amazing as God does give us the strength to get through it. Your little angel is so beautiful and is a blessing to us all.

Jen, thank you so much for keeping us updated. I just remembered about your blog and I am so glad I did... Please let us know if there is ANYTHING you need. We are a phone call away. Brett and I will be there in a heartbeat. We love you guys.

The Brett, Tobi Reef & Merrick Thomas

The Seager Family said...

Thanks so much for the updates! We are ALL so encouraged by you guys and your ability to lean on the Lord, especially when the going gets super tough.

Jen Bowman said...

JB & Shannon,
I'm praying for you all during this difficult time. The updates are wonderful. Jordan is such a strong little girl and I know with God's grace she will come through this. You both are amazing parents. Stay strong.
Love, JJ

Studio 7 Photography said...

You guys are sweet, keep on trucken. It's good to hear your family and friends are surronding you with love and hope. God definitely has a plan.

Philippians 4:12-13
12 I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. 13 I can do everything through him who gives me strength

Christiane Williams said...

The Providence of God goes before His saints, opens the way, removes the difficulties, solves the problems, and brings deliverance when escape seems hopeless.
EM Bounds

God has once again through your life circumstances proven to be faithful and merciful just as it is consistently recorded for us in scripture. I was thinking about the pilgrimage of the Israelites and how God gave them manna, being constantly merciful and giving them their daily need. Daily strength for daily need.

Your blog stories of friends, family and our church body that God has used to provide for your daily needs is so perfect and so wonderful and I too am crying with you my sweet freind. Thank you for letting us all rejoice together in his loving kindness, mercy and all sufficient provision.

Praying continually for you!