Thursday, October 25, 2007


She is doing fantastic and we feel certain she will be coming home with us tomorrow! We were really anxious to try to feed her. We thought it would hurt and she'd have a hard time...she literally downed 6 oz of milk like it was nothing! The best part of it all is that she "sucked" it down. Until now she has been missing the roof to her mouth and has been unable to suck or form a seal in her mouth. I could feel the bottle being sucked into her mouth as I was trying to pull it out because it was empty. She sucked for the first time at 1 year old. Weird. :) :)

As I was walking back into the unit so elated that our girl is back I ran into another mom I met while sleeping (if you call it sleeping) in the family room. She was crying and said she couldn't talk but that she'd talk to me tonight when we go to bed. Thanks to Megan and her sister Laurel, we are staying at a hotel and I feel terrible for this mom. It is so hard being here knowing that Jordan will be going home and will get better when I know that is not the case with some of these kids. I feel guilty that we are staying in a hotel, I feel guilty that she is doing well and also that we are leaving tomorrow. It's really a tough situation. Please pray for these families. They have SUCH sad situations and many of them only have hope in these bodies in this lifetime. My hope comes from a God who loves me, who created me in His image and who has called me according to His purposes. Such comfort! Pray for their children's lives and also that they would all, sooner rather than later, learn to trust in Christ as their salvation and sustenance.

So very thankfully,


Swimwife said...

Oh Jen I am so excited for Jordan!! I would have been a little scared to feed her thinking it would hurt. Praise God she "sucked" down the milk!! I am so glad that you are staying in a hotel tonight (thank you Megan:)!! I feel your burden for these families. Just being there a little while on Tues. I could see all of the sad faces. I know the Lord is using you as a light to these families. Keep shining for Him! We are praying for you and for the other families as well.
love you ~ the woodwards

Yvonne F. said...

Jen, what joyful news!!! I'm so glad things have gone so smoothly.

Thanks for the reminder to pray for these precious little ones who don't get to go home, and especially to pray for their salvation.

Rejoicing with you,

Dave and Kate said...

Jen and Shannon,
I JUST found out (via chiara's blog) about Jordan's surgery this week. I read some of your past posts to catch up and see what you've been going thru with sweet Jordan in preparation for this surgery. I was so touched by your incredible FAITH in our awesome God. I admire you for reaching out to the other moms in the waiting room and how your heart aches for their situations with their own children. God's gonna use you, lady! :) I'm proud of you for trusting the Lord in all circumstances, not just the ones that are easy to trust Him for! Please keep posting, I love reading about God's miraculous work thru the doctors that have touched Jordan's life. Take care!
Love, Katie (for the Sherreitt Fam)

Sarah Cox said...

Your heart is wonderful...a true testimony of a "new creation."

Yay about Baby Jordie. I wonder what was going through her mind as she was drinking..."This is easy! Wow! Weird!" :)

I feel so saddened too for those families and I only saw 1% of what you saw. So sad, especially when their hope is in this world...and their world is full of such hardships. A good reminder that we are not useless...we can indeed pray for them. And God is merciful in those childrens' lives. Remember as the little children's song goes..."Jesus LOVES the little children".

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that things are going so well. The kids and I prayed for you at bedtime last night. It is amazing to see the kind of woman you have become. I haven't talked to you in a very long time, but I am not surprise to feel God's light shining through you. You are just glowing with the reflection of his love, and I pray that you continue to reflect his love and grace to others that are put in your path.

Schlabach Clan said...

We've been praying for you all! What a wonderful blessing God gave Jordan to know exactly what to do with her bottle. Miracles that God shows us every day. We will be praying for your transition home. I'm sure each of you will enjoy being home and together as a whole family.
I know you, Shannon and Jordan have been tremendous lights to those around you.