Friday, October 26, 2007

WE'RE HOME!!!!!!!

WE ARE HOME AT LAST! Oh man we waited so painfully long today for the doctors to release us and finally they did around 6:30. We are home, Jordan is sound asleep in her bed, in her room, we've eaten a fantastic home cooked dinner of pulled pork, cole slaw and potatoes compliments of my southern mama (eat your heart out Gilmore Family!) and we've put all our dirty clothes in the wash. We also got to see Noah for a minute even though he was in bed. The only thing he said to me was, "Lay down Mama" so of course I couldn't resist. It was so great to see him and even to smell him - sounds weird I know.

My mom did SUCH a great job holding down the fort here at home. She was constantly cleaning up dust from the fires that has settled in our house, she was playing with Noah giving him much needed attention, she stocked our fridge, our pantry, she cleaned up the house and even completed our job of potty training little Noah. She even bought a new rug, some new candle centerpieces and a new table runner for the house. How fun! What a trooper. We're sad that she can't stay another week so we can have the time to visit with her that we planned for originally but we will see her in two weeks when she comes back for the weekend.

We are hoping to sleep in a little, lay around, spend time with both kids and my mom tomorrow. Jordan is still really weak and lethargic (they think it may be due partially to the blood loss - her blood level is still low and we'll get it checked Monday) so we won't be going anywhere. Sunday our family is coming over. Shan's mom was at the hospital with us most days and I'm sure is looking forward to seeing Jordan doing better and I think Shan's nieces would like to see a healed Jordan looking more like herself after seeing her pictures from this past week. I'm dying to get to church with the family but next week may be our soonest to get everyone there together. We miss you Compass!

Thank you SOOOOO much everyone for all you did for us. You may think you made minor sacrifices but they were HUGE for us. As I said before, people were continually blown away by all of you and your support for us. I can't even think about it or I cry. This week has been terribly long and has had some very trying moments. We're so happy to have it behind us and to be able to look back and see so clearly the ways God sustained us through it...amazing! I could tell you story after story all night but I should get to bed.

We will see you all soon, hopefully - Thrivers: We will see you Thursday night, Lord willing!

Pastor Dale: I called you on our way home tonight but your voicemail didn't come on.

With love and gratitude,