Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last Update for the night 9:45 p.m. Wednesday

No picture for this post - nothing too new. I just wanted you to be updated for those of you praying for her comfort tonight.

She is doing great! She is totally relaxed, and not at all in need of any medication except Tylenol (no codeine, just straight Tylenol). Even when we turn her, suction her, and pound on her chest to loosen the fluid up she is so mellow. Tonight the nurse was hitting her chest to loosen stuff and while she was doing it Jordan fell asleep! I have to wonder if it is simply an answer to prayer that she would be comfortable and relaxed. She didn't even gag or cough from the tube tonight.

The respiratory therapist was here a few minutes ago and said he still doesn't hear an air leak (meaning he would guess it's still swollen) but that they will decide whether or not to try to remove the tube tomorrow. If they remove it tomorrow morning we will still not be home until Friday evening. If it's removed later than that obviously we'll be home later.

Okay, we're going to watch a movie on the laptop and then get to "bed." I'm on the reclining chair tonight and Shan is in the car. Ha. I keep waiting for a security guard to knock on the window and tell him he can't sleep in his car. So funny. I just found out tonight from another mom that there is a shower on the floor for us to use! SO excited!

Okay- will post more tomorrow morning when the doctor's decide about the tube.


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Dale Thackrah said...


Thanks for the update! It is great logging on to the blog to read the latest from you guys. We continue to pray for a quick recovery and that you will be home quickly!