Friday, October 19, 2007

Isolation Week or Fun Family Time???

Okay so I started out this week not looking forward to our isolation. I love getting out of the house even if it's just to run errands and the thought of not leaving the house for seven days as we simply sit and wait for Jordan's surgery...not exactly a fun way to wrap up a dull week in my opinion. However, God has been so good to change my perspective completely and also to bless me with a few little outings (even if it was just the grocery store at 9 pm after the kids were in bed). As the potty training forced me to simply be near Noah I found myself enjoying spending time with him doing things he likes to books together, play cars, build towers with his Wedgits and Legos, dance and sing to our favorite cds. Thursday morning Jordan, Noah and I were having such a great time dancing and singing that it really hit me how blessed I am to have this time with them. Today I used a gift card we got for Jordan's birthday (thanks Tobi and Brett!) to get a few fun things from Target's $1 section. I got a bunch of masks and dress up type things. It was so fun. The pictures above were taken after bath tonight. We were laughing so hard.

Barbara from our church's Prayer and Care Team called to get the specifics for the faithful prayer warriors at church and it hit me that her surgery is only a couple of days away. It made me that much more thankful for God's perspective of cherishing every moment with our children and realizing that they are truly GIFTS from the Lord. Jordan has added so much to our family and is such a joy to have. She is hilarious and such a reminder for us to encourage others to trust in God when circumstances make us doubt. Since her first birthday I've thought so often about the days when the doctors continually offered "termination of the pregnancy" as an option. If only they could see her now huh?

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