Monday, October 29, 2007

We're Still Here

Obviously from these shots you can tell that Jordan is thrilled to be home. We're so glad she's home with us!

Noah surrounded by the girls...his Aunt Vel in the middle with cousins Brianna, Josslyn and Jayde and Jordan. Poor Noah. :)

Thank you SO much Gma for helping us this week. We already miss you terribly but are SO enjoying our clean house and stocked fridge. Noah cried last night when Gma left us at the airport. He was really sad but thankfully Gma will be back next week.

Jordan and Noah out for their first walk. She is obviously enjoying herself! Funny.

Sorry we haven't posted anything recently but it's been a little bit of an adjustment. My mom left last night and Shan's family and my dad came over yesterday to see us. It was great for the kids to see everyone and for the cousins to see that Jordan is doing so much better. She woke up about four times last night but we let her cry for a bit and she eventually went back to sleep. We woke up this morning at 9 a.m. even after apparently turning off the 6 a.m. alarm to get up and do my bible study. The whole house was sound asleep until then. We woke up Jordan and Noah at about 9:15. I think everyone is recuperating, not just Jordan.

Noah and I took Jordan to her pediatrician today for a blood test which came back great. Her body is making new blood to replace the lost blood so quickly. It looks like we won't need any medication for it. He also re-wrapped her foot since the first larger wrap was coming off. Tonight though, her giant arm cast came off. Yep, her little arm just slid right out and her stitched up fingers were out in the open - I thought I was going to faint. Thankfully Shan was there to help because I had a hard time looking at them much less touching them. We couldn't get the cast back on so we just re-wrapped it ourselves. It's much smaller but now doesn't have the protection when she cralwls so I'm not sure how we'll keep her from hurting it.

Tomorrow Noah and Jordan and I will head to Santa Monica to see Dr. Kawamoto, her plastic surgeon so he can check out her palate and her eye. I'm going to ask him details of what he did to her face because we keep looking at her nose trying to figure out what he did. We think he built it up, making it not as flat and he obviously pulled that left nostril down a bit too. My mom said that every night last week when Noah prayed he prayed for Dr. Kawamoto. So cute.

We really are so thankful that our worst fears that night after her surgery weren't true. Just having a few minutes where I thought we were losing her makes her (and Noah) that much more precious to us. As she was cracking me up today it just kept hitting me how much she adds to our family and what a blessing she is to all of us. We are so thankful to the Lord that she made it through and that the doctors took precautions when they saw things weren't going well with her. It's been bittersweet coming home because I am really missing the nursing staff and doctors in the PICU. I also miss the families that were there that I bonded with and I'm wondering how they are making it and how their kids are. I think of them all day long and wish I could see them. I would love to share with you all someday the things I/we saw there so that you can also gain the perspective we gained in regard to struggles and hardships.

Thanks again to everyone for your help and prayer.



Brook said...

She is so adorable! I will have my ladies bible study group pray for her this morning.


Chiara said...

So adorable. These pictures speak volumes. Thank you for sharing the update. You and your family are covered in prayer!

Swimwife said...

Jen, I just love you guys and are teary eyed reading this (I know I am a crier:) Jordan is such a blessing and we are so thankful for all that we have learned from her and you! The Lord is so faithful and I am blessed by the perspective that you have gained through all of this. I love you and miss you my friend. I know we say this all of the time, but especially in times like this I wish I lived closer!
have a wonderful day!
we are continually praying:)
~ the woodwards~

The Seager Family said...

Jen, Thanks for keeping us updated. I was thinking today as I was jogging, how last week at the hospital was such a challenge, but being home must be even more of an adjustment. It amazes me how much JOY the Lord has given you in this. His name has truly been glorified in so many ways throughout Jordan's life! We love you guys.