Monday, October 22, 2007

Update...Whoa what a ride this is!

I know that so many of you are praying for us right now - I've read your comments on here and have heard from Sarah Cox that you are faithful. I cry thinking of all of you praying for Jordan and for us.

Shan is really tired so I need to go relieve him in 15 minutes...I'm wordy so it kills me to keep it short.

I will write about the full experience tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and would do it tonight but the battery is dead so I can't use it by her bed.

Basically we got the run around for a couple of hours about where Jordan was and what was going on. I insisted someone call and finally (after MUCH avoiding me) that she was still in the operating room and that they were "working on her" thus were not able to talk to me and would be up as soon as they could to update me. I was certain she was dying - that they were working to save her and not telling us. They had our baby and wouldn't tell us anything and wouldn't let us near her. It was the worst feeling I've had ever in my life. Ever. I was hysterical and paged the doctor on call because no one else was around except this poor admissions clerk who was trying to help me find Jordan and get information.
Finally the doctor on call called me to tell me that her throat swelled and was cutting off her airway. They had to put a breathing tube in to prevent it from being able to swell any more and to ensure an airway. They didn't want to wait fearing that she would continue to swell overnight then needing a tracheostomy (spelling?). Anyway, long story short, she is all hooked up and is feeling comfortable. We've heard one day up to four days of keeping the breathing tube in and ventilator breathing for her. They will just keep her "asleep" until they take the tube out. I don't think we are going home until she can drink milk from her bottle.
Here are a couple pictures. The leopard print one is so cute. :) They were taking x-rays and actually had a child's leopard print x-ray shield. I had to take a picture. That kind of thing doesn't come around very often in ones life. I'm able to chuckle a little at this now but to be honestly it has been a very difficult night - as an understatement. God is SOOOO stretching and growing us and we're feeling the growing pains but able to trust that He will provide everything we need and still give us perspective as we are next to young children with a much worse situation.
I know these pictures are hard to look at - I agree. I just know that as I am praying for others in need I love to "be there" even if it is just through the computer .
God is so great in his provision that there was one cot left in the family room so Shan's shift starts in 2 minutes while I stay with Jordan. Usually all the cots are taken but He knew that we had nowhere else to go so he in his infinite wisdom provided us a bed - granted it's about as wide as me with no arms on the sides so pray that whoever is sleeping on it doesn't roll over even an inch. :)
Forgive the typos and spelling errors. I'm not up to par here but I promise to be faithful in updating - it's a sort of therapy for me anyway. :)
We love all of you and will write more later.
We can't use the cell phones in the PICU but can check messages in the hall. You can text or call or post comments on the blog or email. We'll check periodically.


Christiane Williams said...

Thinking and praying for you!

A hymn keeps coming to mind as I think of you.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow.
Because He lives, all fear is gone.
Because I know He holds the future,
And life is worth the living just because He lives!

"Heaven isn't here...if we were given all we wanted here, our hearts would settle for this world rather than the next...God is luring us up and away from this kingdom of pain, wooing us to Himself and His still invisible Kingdom where what we so keenly long for we shall, if we stoop to enter the small gate, most certainly find." Elisabeth Elliot

Smith Family said...

Dear Shan and Jen, you and baby Jordan are in our prayers. Your faith and strength are so evident and inspiring!! We are so sorry to hear about what you had to go through last night, not knowing what was happening with your precious child! I cannot even imagine the fear and helplessness, but God is overseeing it all and He will work all things for good and He will create in ever situation and circumstance the opportunity to grow in love and faithfulness to Him. Our prayers are with Jordan for healing faster than the doctors expect and our prayers are with you two that the Lord will continue to comfort you and that you will feel His loving arms around you through every twist and turn in the journey! We love you and look forward to your next update! God be with you today and always! Love in Christ, sean and kel smith

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Glad to hear things are settling down a bit -- that sounds like a pretty scary time! We'll be praying for you as well... -Ian & Amy (Bare)

Chiara said...

Jen--I just cry thinking of last night, and the frustration and anxiety you must have felt. However, God got you through it because He was with you and Jordan. If only we could open our eyes in order to see the spiritual realm--all the forces God had protecting Jordan and holding you up in that horrible moment. We would be speechless if we only could see . . .
Our family is continuously praying for you guys. As so many have mentioned, we are here if you need babysitting, shopping done, clothes brought to you, anything . . . We love you guys and know you will be such an amazing rock of faith that God will use after this situation.
With love and prayer, Chiara